What we do?

We have a fully equipped research laboratory with necessary molecular biology- and microbiology instrumentation. We also have climate-controlled growth chambers and access to greenhouses.

For plant protein research and extraction, we have a laboratory scale decanter centrifuge suitable for solid-liquid separation allowing product streams of up to 100 l/hour. In addition to protein isolation from various starting materials, we offer test runs, process optimization, demonstrations and pilot scale production as needed by our clients.

Plant Protein Based Alternatives to Dairy Products
Building on our capacity to extract highly soluble and functional plant proteins, we have embarked on food product optimization for non-dairy alternatives. This in-house development project aims to address the problem of no or low protein content in many non-dairy products in the market today. Currently we can produce non-dairy cheese alternatives with high protein content, nutritionally beneficial amino acid profiles and pleasant taste. The project was supported by EU structural fund EURA2021.

Technical Support for Industry Partners
We also bring our expertise to industry through partnerships. In recent years our team has been engaged in a long-term collaborative project with industry to develop novel food grade plant protein products. Several factory-scale process improvements were achieved for better quality and quantity. Our experience in laboratory and pilot-scale plant protein extraction from multiple source materials, including potato, faba bean, yellow and green pea, soybean, barley and oats was instrumental in optimizing the scaled-up process.

Analytical Support Services
Locusia team shares its expertise also by consulting services on environmental and technical sustainability of food and bioenergy systems.We can also provide technical support for regulatory approval processes (e.g. GRAS application).

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